Smarter customer service. Lower costs.

RXG AI helps you resolve customer service issuesfaster that cost 91% less than human with pinpoint accuracy. The outsourced call centers are costing your business time and money while you have the most cost-effective and accurate AI based solution to resolve customer service at scale with most advanced AI engine on its back.

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RXG AI makes it easier and faster for customers to get answer to somple questions. At the same time, support agents have fewer tickets to resolve, freeing them up to address the complex question that chatbotgs and virtual assistants can’t handle.

About Us

RXG AI is thr future of customer service..

It’s predicted that the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in customerservice will increase by 143% by late 2020. That means that AI can’t be ignored, for both consumers and busniesses. The reality is, many people are still suspicious or nervous about AI and its implication for their business and to eliminate this nervouness RXG AI has a role to play.

Take your company to the next level with reduced service costs and AI enabled automation.

Automate Customer Service

Our solutions deliver advanced levels of service at a fraction of the cost you spend on conventional methods, We help you achieve from 1 60 to 80 percent savings over human-powered assistance ith 24/7 instant response.

Instant case resolution to improve SLAa

Our solutions are appealing to organisations looking to offer customer service outside of busniess hours without requiring extra staff. By removing repetitive, low-value tasks from customer service agents, automation lets them focus on where thier human touch adds the most value.

Helping customers find answers

Our solutions are used to assist customers in finding an item or completing a task. They’re being deployed in the retail industry to guide customers around a store, as well as in any other industry.

SPECIAL 2022 OFFER - First month free service for your AI based customer support

During a limited time, we’re offering a one month free service for your business. Call us or fill out the form on this website to reserve your spot.